Alignment Visualization – A tool designed for medical practitioners

MGB (Multi Genome Browser) is a web application that visualizes different analysis result such as variants, BAM alignments, alignments pileup, BED, primer and the reference. It provides insight into alignments quality and the variant characteristics. It also supports feature of multiple tracks to show several BAM files, pileups and sets of BED regions. MGB can be set up in a files hub and serveral workstations can link to them without duplicating the result files. With fast response and short loading time, MGB is a good support application for any bioinformatics institutes, clinics and hospitals.


Ultra-fast viewer:
MGB can smoothly display the alignment of reads for multiple samples (specifically, up to 10,000 reads per sample, while using only 500MB of memory on the client machine). MGB provides different views of variants based on multiple samples and biomedical databases. It runs on web browsers with cross-platform support and no installation required.